01. My friends and I [constructed] a really cool fort in a tree in my backyard.
02. We [constructed] a big picnic table for use by ourselves and our neighbors.
03. Bill Gates has [constructed] the largest computer empire in the world.
04. I don't understand why the city always decides to do [construction] on the streets during the busy tourist season each year.
05. He works in [construction] as a carpenter.
06. The administration is [constructing] a new plan which they hope will reduce their expenditures.
07. A football coach once observed that something [constructive] comes from every defeat.
08. The Great Wall of China was [constructed] to keep out enemy invaders.
09. This building was [constructed] over 100 years ago.
10. The children [constructed] a tree fort out of scrap wood they got from a house which was being built.
11. The tests we are giving you have been carefully [constructed] to identify your weak points in English.
12. Ralph Krok started a simple business that he eventually [constructed] into the worldwide business empire known as McDonald's Restaurants.
13. The government will soon begin [construction] on a new stadium for the Olympic Games.
14. Jobs in the [construction] business are hard to find these days because of the downturn in the housing market.
15. The Parliament Buildings are a beautiful stone [construction] which look especially impressive when lit up at night.
16. My uncle works in [construction] as an electrician.
17. No one is allowed entry into the [construction] zone without a hardhat.
18. Someone once remarked that the road to success is always under [construction].
19. About 25,000 workers died during the [construction] of the Panama Canal.
20. Douglas Street is closed this week while [construction] work is being done on a new office tower.
21. Lord Todo began [construction] of Uwajima Castle in 1595.
22. Nairobi, which began as a railroad [construction] camp, later became the capital of Kenya.
23. The Grand Canal of China, connecting the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers, is 20 miles longer than the Panama Canal, yet the Chinese [constructed] the waterway without modern machinery 1,300-plus years ago.
24. The first London Bridge was [constructed] by the Romans around the year 60 AD.
25. The [construction] of the Cologne Cathedral, which started in 1248, was finally completed in 1880.
26. Psychologists systematically measure people's responses to carefully [constructed] questions and tasks.
27. The students were asked to [construct] arguments both for and against the topic for the debate.
28. A team of doctors worked for over 10 hours to [reconstruct] the face of a young boy who was badly injured in a car accident.
29. The [reconstruction] of the Twin Towers in New York City will be an important symbol in the fight against terrorism.
30. A team of American engineers has been called in to oversee the enormous task of [reconstructing] the city's bombed out industries.
31. The goal of the scientific method is to [construct] scientific laws.
32. Society can be viewed as a process in which human beings [construct] or negotiate social order.

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